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Do you have a favorite Christmas memory from your past?

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory from your past?
In the fall of 1979, I was 24 years old and living in Tampa. In the past few years, I had started dating but I had never had a serious long term girlfriend. Late in November of 1979, that changed.

Pat was a petite, cute, attentive and caring lady. I met Pat through a mutual friend and was instantly smitten with her. We started dating and both enjoyed mutual comfort, companionship, and good times together.

Pat had gone to her home at Thanksgiving but couldn't fly home again in December. I invited her to go home with me for Christmas. She immediately accepted and I was excited! This was the first time that I had taken a girl home to meet my parents and it was a tremendous step for me. I finally felt that I was where I should be in terms of dating and relationships and I had a big sense of relief with reaching this milestone.

My job had to be staffed constantly. I got time off on Christmas day and December 26 but, in return, I had to work until 11 pm on Christmas Eve.

Late on Christmas Eve, I left work and went to collect Pat. She was ready to go and we hit the road for a 3½ hour drive to Jacksonville. Pat soon fell asleep so I was left alone to my thoughts in the early morning hours.

During the final hour of the trip, a splendid meteor shower began. It was like nothing that I have witnessed before or since. The meteorites were frequent and often there were several at the same time. As I watched this display, it felt as if the meteor shower was God's way of smiling down on me. I reached over and gently held the hand of my sleeping future bride; she didn’t wake and I simply felt her presence. I was at peace with the world, I had a sense of optimism, and, for me, this moment became frozen in time. This special Christmas of 1979 is a moment of my life that I remember every Christmas Eve and, every year as I remember that feeling, I wish for that feeling of absolute peace to fill all of us.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?
Do you have a favorite Christmas memory from your past?
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