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Is this the season to get engaged?

Today is my birthday! I just turned 25. My girlfriend is 29. The thing is, I know I love my girl. What month could be more perfect for a romantic proposal? I think December is a month meant for romance, with it’s lights, and the cold weather that keeps my girlfriend and I snuggling up. A Christmas marriage proposal is particularly romantic because of the warmth, joy, and love the holiday season brings, right?

I really hope I’m making the right move here! I want to get down on one knee. But, proposing to your girlfriend at Christmas (or any time) is easier said than done. It’s stressful! It’s the what if’s:

what if she says no? What if I’m moving too fast? What if I’m making the biggest mistake of my life? Any suggestions for a simple, romantic marriage proposal?
Is this the season to get engaged?
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