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My friend doesn’t want me to get him a Christmas gift but I did anyways?

I know this probably sounds stupid but I just want to know if getting him a Christmas gift was a good idea even though he was adamant that I don’t get him one.

Back story:
So this year was pretty hard on me particularly. Got dumped, my mom and my relationship is falling apart (that’s a whole story in itself but to put it short; my mom loves Trump more than me to the point where she’s not only been verbally abusive but physically too), switched jobs which has affected me financially big time and to top it all off we are in a global pandemic. I don’t have many friends to begin with but throughout this whole year he’s really been there for me especially when my mom has been awful to me... (before anyone asks, no I’m not friend-zoning him... I’m 24, he’s 55 and lives with another man. He’s like a dad to me).

He hates when people get him gifts. I honestly don’t know why. He used to march in this drum and bugle corps (The Cavaliers) and for Christmas I got him a pillow that resembles his old color guard sergeant uniform from ‘87 with his name embroidered on the back with an official Cavalier patch on it. The person who made it for me didn’t charge me a lot for it either. His big thing is that he doesn’t want me to spend money on a Christmas gift for him because he really wants me to save money so I can move out of my toxic household. I thought this would be a nice sentimental gift to give him not only for Christmas but as a “thank you for being there for me when I needed it” gift. When I hinted that I was potentially getting something for him for Christmas he said “Please don’t buy anything for me. A text will be the perfect gift”. Should I still give it to him even though he said not to get him anything?
My friend doesn’t want me to get him a Christmas gift but I did anyways?
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