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What do I do if my quarantine buddy isn't quarantining?

I've been quarantining with my boyfriend but he hasn't taken it seriously. Before I go to my family's house I always take a test and try to avoid large crowds. We both work similar jobs and work from home but we have another job where we work around three -four other people. My sister recently tested positive for the Coronavirus and I'm not going to my family's house for Christmas this year. My boyfriend is staying at his family's house, hanging out with cousins from different areas, going to the swap meet (flea market), doesn't watch his distance and has only been tested once. He has invited me to spend Christmas with his family but I don't want to if I have been exposed to the virus and/or they have. I recently took a test but I'm still waiting for results.

Disclaimer: In the middle of this year, I was also irresponsible about the virus as I was going with him to the swap meet, hanging out with his family and my own, and hanging out with friends, but every since my sister tested positive, I'm trying to take it seriously. Unfortunately, all the self isolation I've been doing will be useless if he comes home and potentially brings it here anyways... so I don't know what to do.
What do I do if my quarantine buddy isn't quarantining?
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