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Am I just bored lonely thrill seeker or I have ADHD or other serious mental condition?

I have consistently observed certain kind of up down up pattern in my real life. First I ignored my actions by thinking it as childish but, then I started to observe a certain pattern. My grades were falling and I had difficulty in maintaining consistency. Even if I succeeded to get good marks, it overwhelmed me so much that in upcoming semesters I fail in my exams knowing full well that it is not good to procrastinate or wait till very last moment. I could not make time tables or follow a routine life. I have planned so much to do in winter weekend and even bought subscriptions to home meditation and workouts but still I could not do, nor I could complete my online courses which were due for upcoming month. Only thing I did was to fester about it, get anxious and watch Netflix. When Netflix series gets over i switch to Amazon prime video or Disney plus subscription or watch YouTube videos or those shows that I don't normally watch just to escape the pending work. This behavior increases ten folds before exams. I know the subject, like the subject but could not complete a single page in one day knowing full well that it can impact my grades. I could not maintain my attention long just to talk to people get impatient and roam in my own dream world like a space cadet. I am not able to make friends , connect with new ones or enjoy my vacations peacefully as my mind wanders here and there and everywhere. I planned to explore France and bought a French learning subscription but the results were same , and so was for Tinder to find love this Christmas. I haven't got any matches yet , but I doubt that my relationship will last with my current emotional behavior. I am overreacting , self sabotaging and creating chaos small things for absurd reasons. and getting lost in memories of past and it repeats over and over. My new year resolutions are pending. I am struck in a time loop of repeating mistakes and not able to move forward. I received advices that I am putting in polls
Its common and nothing to worry and this phase will pass.
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Mental illness or condition like ADHD/ADD
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Bored , lonely and needs to get a girl immediately and get laid.
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Hexed/Cursed/ possessed by spirits and needs exorcism.
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Effects of Aliens or other future mind controlling next gen sci-fi weapons.
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It happens with geniuses and high IQ people and indicates I am chosen to lead this world to greatness
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Others (Please specify in comments)
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Am I just bored lonely thrill seeker or I have ADHD or other serious mental condition?
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