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I’m so hurt over this?

We had a New Year’s Eve gathering and we was joking about as a family about men and stuff and I said something like my sister likes a white mans Willy that’s her type it was just in our jokey convo there was a few of us and other rude stuff was said. Now my gran goes behind my back and tells my mum what I said and made some extra lies and said some bad stuff about me when there were so many other people involved in the convo which were saying stuff. Now this is not what hurt me my mum then told me she said to my gran don’t take no notice of her, her brain does not function properly we’ve all been told to ignore her when she says stuff. ( I’ve got a head injury ) but my mum made this crap up just to reply to my grandma no one has ever said ignore me. I can’t stop crying I’m heartbroken like why would my mother even say something like that about me? I’ve cut all contact with her as I’m s hurt
I’m so hurt over this?
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