How do you like to spend you're New Years Eve?

So my friend may not be able to spend new years with her boyfriend. She wants to go out and he wants to spend it with his family like he does every year before her. She said if he doesn't spend new years with him or get her new years kiss she might re consider there relationship. Do you think its really that important to be with your significant other on new years eve? and How do you like to spend your new years eve?


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  • It depends upon you.

    If your happiness is at its peak when you're with significant other, then why not?

    I would love to spend my New Year's Eve with the whole town.

    Counting down with them is bliss, and the joyfulness on everyone's face welcomes the New Year with high spirits, and full of good lucks. = )

  • I may be the only one but I am not the type to consider a particular day as one where I have to make more special then the rest. Any day to me is special


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