Girls, Have Confidence in Yourselves!

There is nothing more attractive to guys than confidence. I see so many girls just write themselves off because they don't feel like...

You Worry Too Much About Your Looks

The conversation I had headed home on a bus way back in my high school days has always stuck with me about how much it is we tend to...

4 Reasons Why We Should All Strive For Ugliness

Here are 4 reasons why we should all strive for ugliness. 1. Ugliness is low-maintenance. Applying make-up every morning and taking it...

Differences between real life feedback and online feedback about our appearance, my personal experience.

I decided to tell my experience on this site. I'm a 30-years-old guy that suffer from body dysmorphic disorder from ten years (from when...

What Is Your Look?

What kind of clothes do you wear, what does your hair look like, and what accessories do you wear? My hair is the typical shoulder...

I'm Overweight & I Don't Care.

A recently went through a difficult breakup, and it has left me in a state of depression. Although I typically took care of myself, when...

Food for Thought: For Guys Who Don't Like Their Height and Wish to be Taller

Height and weight isn't something I give much thought to, not even for myself. It's just one of those things I don't think much about,...

What is the difference between arrogance and confidence?

I've been called both arrogant and confident, which one am I? I heard that if you look down your nose at people you are arrogant, while...

Proper weight for height?

I weigh 113lbs and I am 5,2 is that a good weight for my height or not?

How do I look to y'all?

Just wondering how I look towards others. Be as short or long as you want. I can take the heat, so be brutally honest here. :)

Do you like this photo?

I took this photo today and my friend would like to know how does she looks here. Thank u :)

How do I look? (1-10)?

Never mind the cueball... and be honest.

For girls: what do you think about me?

I have troubles finding a girlfriend or even a "friend with benefits" Do you think is it because i'm ugly? I'm italian, 24yo and i'm...

Could I still be considered atractive?

I'm 17yo guy who is 194cm and I weight 110kilos with it being mostly fat and small percentage of muscles.

Do you think it's hot if a girl is thick?

Some guys don't like thicker girls, so I'm curious how many do and don't like it. The attached images are me.

How does she look? any other opinion?

do u need to change anything, am I doing something wrong

Yes for natural or do you prefer my other look?

Thought I would ditch the makeup for once

Am I attractive? Glasses make me less attractive?

Im just wondering if I look on with glasses I really prefer without glasses but I dont want contacts -sad (Jay)

Do I look okay?

I've never pose in any pics so i felt like i look super awkward djsjs any thoughts?