What I Learnt from a Day at a Mixed Nude Day Spa

I am writting this to share an experience I had recently while traveling around in Europe. For those who dont know, in Germany and The...

When I Finally Realized I Am Attractive

I genuinely had the self esteem of an onion and thought I looked like an eggplant lol. Not exactly attractive because what is...

How To Be Attractive

Welcome to this mytake. I am here to share with you how to become more OUTWARDLY attractive based on my own learning experiences. 1....

What it's like growing up hairy

Hi all. Welcome to my Mytake :) I'm hairy and also a girl which is viewed as disgusting. Yes I find it weird that the hair on my arms,...

Girls, Have Confidence in Yourselves!

There is nothing more attractive to guys than confidence. I see so many girls just write themselves off because they don't feel like...

You Worry Too Much About Your Looks

The conversation I had headed home on a bus way back in my high school days has always stuck with me about how much it is we tend to...

4 Reasons Why We Should All Strive For Ugliness

Here are 4 reasons why we should all strive for ugliness. 1. Ugliness is low-maintenance. Applying make-up every morning and taking it...

Girls, How do I look?

Pics are on my profile cus I can't upload them here How would you rate me? I'm 20 years old,6 ft 4 by the way

What celebrity do I resemble most?

and what face shape do i have? asking so i can look up new hair styles that would suit my face

How Do My Back Look?

I’m a power athlete. Aesthetic is not important me so much but I’m just wondering how do my back look :) I’m waiting for your opinions :)

So, how do I look?

I’m not seeking validation, I’m just overall curious. how do I look? :) take my profile picture as an example.

Do you ever feel unattractive or unappealing?

I've recently downloaded tinder and other "dating" apps, but don't get to many matches or others interested in chatting with me. Just...

How is this pic? How much would u rate out of 10 ?

My boyfriend has given this pic to the photo shop and he wants to get it framed. How is it?

Would you say that this girl is a natural redhead?

Don't rate me, I don't need lies, those are just snapchat filters. I'm just curious if you can guess my natural hair color

How do you feel about hairy legs on women?

In our current times, with certain things that were not okay previously becoming more acceptable, and things that used to widely be...

Is she out of my league?

Please take my profile photo as a example

Do him and I look alike?

We get mistaken for one another a lot

In which pic does this guy look the best?

Pic 1- Pic 2- Pic 3- Pic 4-