Five Reasons For Why You Should Love Your Body

Disclaimer: This myTake requires physical movement and realizing that you are just as beautiful as anyone else living. I have noticed...

Am I fat? Am I ugly? You’re beautiful 😍

Every time I go on my social media or on G@G, the main question on the,”How do I look?” topicals is ,” Am I fat?” I opened this and saw...

I am UGLY and I know it! 😂😂😂

I am not talking about not being handsome. I dont mean to say "girls never have crush on me. Never approach me". Its not the scale that...

Self acceptance is key

As you may know, I've always wanted to increase my height, even though people love it and call me cute names and such. I accepted it and...

Are you pretty or ugly?

Are you ugly if you're not beautiful? For whom and for what? Yes, one of the most common mistakes we make is to ask people if they are...

My Story - The Tale of Someone That Has The "Wrong" Body According to Society

I had the chance to see many questions, myTakes and opnions about overweight people, fat shaming and all that jazz. Now I have been...

Perks of being a short woman!

People often question my height. Others in a positive way and others in a negative. Most people who are short are wishing to be taller...

I am insecure about my breast size. Is this attractive?

Hi guys, I am insecure about my breast size, and even though this sounds cheap and/or stupid, please help me out.. I am 167.5 cm tall,...

Family and friends say I'm ugly... Opinion?

Family and friends say I'm ugly and fat... and I'm so insecure about how I look now. Any thoughts? Headphones on because I was talking...

Guys, How do I look to you?

Ithink i'm prettty decent girl. I'm 24 and the longest and most serious relationship i had lastet for 3 months. Never slept with a man...

What do u think of my body?

Big boobs; small butt. What is your ideal body type? I know mine is not very popular lol..

Am I attractive?

/Users/keiraremus/Desktop/24232969_1532780286813691_3367323799483875565_n. jpg Some say yes others say no. sorry about the link

How do I look? Rate me?

Oh yeah look at me! Watch out boys! lol 😂

Guys- do you like women with a bbw body type?

I am a BBW and a lot of guys or attracted to me sexually but I've only ever dated a few guys who actually wanted to date me and show me...

How do girls prefer men on the chest?

How do girls like men on the chest?

Which ethnicity of men do you find the most attractive?

If you had to choose one, which would you choose?

How do I look? More like love or lust?

Rate me outa 10 ;) which country you think I look like I'm from? ( Apart from the one you could see on my profile )

Girls, will this smile get me a lot girls tonight at the bar?

I hear from a lot girls, that they love my smile. I'm the one with the Hat!

Which singer/artist is prettier in your opinion?

just curious what the majority think thanks.

Which on Instagram?

Just wanted to know which one will be good to put on Instagram

Am I sexy too you?

Do you think I'm sexy?