Girls, Have Confidence in Yourselves!

There is nothing more attractive to guys than confidence. I see so many girls just write themselves off because they don't feel like...

What it's like growing up hairy

Hi all. Welcome to my Mytake :) I'm hairy and also a girl which is viewed as disgusting. Yes I find it weird that the hair on my arms,...

You Worry Too Much About Your Looks

The conversation I had headed home on a bus way back in my high school days has always stuck with me about how much it is we tend to...

4 Reasons Why We Should All Strive For Ugliness

Here are 4 reasons why we should all strive for ugliness. 1. Ugliness is low-maintenance. Applying make-up every morning and taking it...

Differences between real life feedback and online feedback about our appearance, my personal experience.

I decided to tell my experience on this site. I'm a 30-years-old guy that suffer from body dysmorphic disorder from ten years (from when...

What Is Your Look?

What kind of clothes do you wear, what does your hair look like, and what accessories do you wear? My hair is the typical shoulder...

I'm Overweight & I Don't Care.

A recently went through a difficult breakup, and it has left me in a state of depression. Although I typically took care of myself, when...

After 20+ years, is it too much to want to be told im beautiful?

We've been together for the better part of 24 years. He's an amazing man and he takes great care of me. Id like to think that I'm not...

What Zodiac sign do I look like?

Looking at my facial features which Zodiac sign would you guess i am? :)

Is my nose big? 💀?

Its ok if it is i just wanna know :) please be honest

Is this too revealing to wear to the gym if you have a personal trainer?

This is what I usally wear to the gym it’s a sports bra and leggings. Is it too revealing to wear tho if I have a personal training...

Can you be honest about my hair?

I'm losing my hair but doing everything I can to keep it. My hair loss has made me so insecure that I'm afraid I'll never be attractive...

Do you think puberty changed him a lot?

Then... Now... Was/is he good-looking before or now?

How do I look? Let me know. X?

Being feminine seems so much more exhilarating!

Do you like the hipster glasses trend?

photo attached - do u find these glasses cute?

Girls, Can you rate him?

Be one hundred percent honest. I don't want false information and it is only doing me justice to be truthful. What would you rate me in...

Which guy is the hottest?

Thought this site could help with a friendly competition! (From Left to right)

Which dress should I wear for the party of the year?

Okay so I will combine them with Louboutin heels, black tights, and of course a heavy coat cause it's cold af. (Yes I do have these dresses)

Which girl is prettier part 2?

^brunette no makeup ^blomde no makeup no filter ^blonde ^blonde

Which girl is prettier?

No makeup no filter ^

Which looks better blonde or brunette?

Which hair colour do you think suits me best 😁