Five Reasons For Why You Should Love Your Body

Disclaimer: This myTake requires physical movement and realizing that you are just as beautiful as anyone else living. I have noticed...

My Story - The Tale of Someone That Has The "Wrong" Body According to Society

I had the chance to see many questions, myTakes and opnions about overweight people, fat shaming and all that jazz. Now I have been...

Perks of being a short woman!

People often question my height. Others in a positive way and others in a negative. Most people who are short are wishing to be taller...

Self Deprecation is NOT an Instant Invitation for Sympathy, Validation and Compliments.

Most people who are down on themselves tend to seek validation, sympathy and compliments. That’s okay because some people need that in...

The Sexiest Internet Vixens Right Now

First of all, let me get this disclaimer out of the way: I realize that most of these women have had surgeries, and extreme makeovers to...

When I Finally Realized I Am Attractive

I genuinely had the self esteem of an onion and thought I looked like an eggplant lol. Not exactly attractive because what is...

How To Be Attractive

Welcome to this mytake. I am here to share with you how to become more OUTWARDLY attractive based on my own learning experiences. 1....

How does my poor fish drawing look?

I've been drawing for over 15 years but 2 yeara ago i finally gave it a rest.

So how does my latest drawing look lol?

God I forgot how much I hate crayons coloring this. I got bored at work while the kids where drawing so I decided to as well. And this...

Is she an example of a perfect face?

What would you rate her. by the way this is the actor Phoebe Tonkin. I personally think she is so gorgeous. What makes her so...

Do you prefer me with or without makeup?

I used to wear a full face of makeup and then stopped when I was having skin issues. Now I never wear it anymore and when I do a full...

Is my bum considered flat?

Im kinda self conscious and wondered if my bum is considered flat in the scheme of things? Also, any tips for getting a bigger bum? Thanks

Do you ever feel unattractive or unappealing?

I've recently downloaded tinder and other "dating" apps, but don't get to many matches or others interested in chatting with me. Just...

Is my fashion sense or outfit (s) dumb?

Posted these on instagram and I've had a bunch of friends basically roast me lol. Just needa know if I indeed look whack

Am I a good looking person? What would you rate me from 1-10, 10 being hottest?

Complexion - Dusky, Height- 5.7/5.8, Stomach size may vary from time to time 😛

Who fault was me going over a curb? This causing problems for me in the divorce because I get the feeling the judge does not think I am a nice person?

I drove over a huge curb and hurt my wife's neck before she left me. It was all her fault because she might have been talking. Really...

Out of your sexual encounters, what kind of woman is usually generally better at sex?

My male friends have told me petite women are usually better as they more fitter and can last longer out of the larger women they have...

Yes or no for this guy?

I can't get the second image to be rotated correctly...