Rate this hottie? GIRLS PLEASE. lol?

My friend showed me this picture yesterday, SO HOT.
What do you think?

bit. ly/1q4IMPG (delete the space between bit and ly)


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  • Looks like David Bowie back in the day.

    • Are those 2 different eye colors? thats so weird!

    • Yeah, he was/is a beauty. :)

    • I'm wrong, he actually has anisocori. (Had to look it up.) One pupil is larger than the other. But in this picture, it's doctored up to look brown.

  • ... Not my type. I mean he's good looking no doubt. But it's a let down he doesn't have any facial hair or hair on his arms.. Men are supposed to be a bit hairy! He kinda has womanly lips... That and I'm a sucker for blonde hair. So he is good looking but not my type. :)