Hiya, maybe you can help me?

Hi, below is... me
Age: 14
Hair: Straight, Brown, Light
Hair Length: bum
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'4
Bust: 35'1
Hips: 31'5
Waist: 26'3
Weight: 50kg

I have been feeling a tiny bit self-conscious lately and I know the reason may sound silly but...
I never usually or have ever been put down for the way I look but lately I've had my mum and some kids on the same sport team putting me down for the way I look and I tried to act like I didn't think anything and that I was confident enough to take it which at the time I was 100%. But later that/those nights it made me wonder "Wow am I really over weight in some areas 'stomach, thighs,' and are my boobs that small, i swear their not"
"Does my mum really think I'm a lazy & fat when I eat more then her because I'm athletic?"
Tbh, I have never been 100% confident with myself but it never worried me because I'm quite athletic and I have supportive friends that have admired my body but recently its been playing on my mind...
So even though this may seem silly or stupid of me to ask strangers about my measurements but I figured you would be more honest with me then anyone so could you please leave your thoughts below on this and me... thanks :))


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  • Lots of girls your age are self conscious. I was and I am sure it had to do with my small breasts too. I am still small at 29 years old. But I run long distances, like marathons, and I am now so very glad that my bust size is smallish. I don't bounce around like some other girls that I run with:) My confidence always came from the fact that I was athletic. I'll bet your confidence comes from that also. Your measurements are fine. Continue to run or whatever you do to keep in shape, You don't have to be a bit self conscious.

    • Thankyou so much & i did loose a whole lot of weight from my swimming and running:)

    • My pleasure. keep swimming!

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  • After lots of research.
    You're probably normal.

  • Your young and have your whole life ahead of you. Every girl is beautiful no matter what. Think about what you are good at.

  • If your asking if that size is normal for your height it is. Don't know about the bust or hips.

    • Ok thanks, I thought my bust was (+B) but I don't know are you saying your not sure or that your sure its not? :)

    • I don't know what the average bust size would be for your height/weight. B sounds right. And if you think you're fat in some areas (like the thighs ), it's just the fat and whatnot moving around and stuff because your body is growing (something like that lol, haven't taken a health class in 2 years). But definitely work out like the MHO said to and you should be good.

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  • In my honest opinion, you're fine. I think you should not think any further about this and just enjoy doing the athletic things you like to do. Insults like that will always come and you can only ignore it.

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