Is it sexy if I don't wear a bra?

I love wearing bras but I hate wearing them. I find them restrictive and I can't move. But when I'm wearing one I feel more professional and sexy.


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  • I think it is but I'm an A cup, could be different if you're a DD =P

    • Could give you more support, and even make you appear bigger, if you wear push ups etc.. Or you could always get a boob job

      Yes, I get it, I'm a man. Only men want women to get boob jobs, right? Wrong! I know plenty of women who actually have said they want one, without even having me ask them to. I told them "go ahead and do it BUT, do know that there are certain problems with it".

    • Yeah I wear push-ups sometimes, but I'm not ever getting fake boobs!

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  • tiny tits look great braless so depends what sixe you are

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  • Boobs need to hang and bounce to. Keep the muscles strong enough to hold them firm when there's no bra, present. Girl, take my advice and be free. Am i doing good, guys? No srsly, it is true.. Just dont be tacky.

  • Nope.. Wear bra too attract and to keep sized your boobs


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  • I have reread your first sentence over a few times.
    Is that a deliberate contradiction?

    • Precisely what I was thinking.

    • She was explaining the dichotomy: she feels sexy and professional (How do those two go together?) wearing one, but also love the freedom of not wearing one. (Took me a few minutes, too)

    • @ redA,
      Dichotomy, really?
      I am impressed with you.
      Maybe juxtaposition?

  • well i'd say it's trashy when your nipples are visible but as long as they're not saggy it's totally fine

  • The way I see it, bras are sort of a descendent of the corset, which was extremely restrictive and difficult to breathe, move, and work in. I hate wearing bras as well and choose not to if it's extremely hot or if it's extremely cold and I don't have to take off my coat or jacket.
    I don't know if not wearing a bra is sexy or not, but it won't be sexy when your breasts begin to sag - as they undoubtedly will over time if you neglect to wear a bra.