Why don't guys like me?

FYI, the only reason this is under "how do I look" is because the website wouldn't post it under any of the topics that would have made sense with this question. So, here we go... I don't understand. I have no true guy friends, and no "plausible boyfriends". For some reason guys just don't seem to like me in that way. They like me when they need a good grade, but after that I never see them again. I'm a singer, an actress, I'm a catcher for my softball team, I play in the band, I'm not physically Unattractive (I just don't describe myself as "hot"), I'm smart, but guys just don't seem attracted to me at all. The only reasons I could think that they aren't are that I complain a lot (although, I must say, I've worked on that and now I only complain in my head, and once in a blue moon outloud), and that I'm not "hot". Is there something wrong with me?


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  • No, it could be how you carry yourself.
    I used to have the same problem in high school. Guys barely approached me. When I started going out with my ex, a lot of the guys would ask him how he got me. But I overheard a conversation one time with a group of guys, and they thought I was a conceded prude lol; which wasn't the case.
    So, it may just be how you carry yourself.

    • Can you give an example?

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    • I definitely don't think I'm "all that". I'm that person who's always wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. I have friends in all "classes" of my high school. I have some friends in the "lower class", I have some friends who are in the "higher class", and I have lots of friends in the "middle class" (which is where I am). I don't like to look at myself (boy, that makes me sound like I jumped out of Divergent), but I don't talk about how I feel about myself in public... I only talk to myself about that, really...

    • I was exactly the same, I knew and befriended a lot of people at my school, and still guys thought that stuff about me. It honestly is all about how you view yourself, not them.
      I hope this helps... even just a little :)

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  • There is nothing wrong with you. Let's see, what is the appropriate answer?

    Oh, right, "Be yourself, someone will find you and feel you are the best ever!"

  • Believe it or not, statistically there is at least one guy
    in your school who has you on their list of potential
    girlfriends. You just need to look around and find out
    who it is. It could be someone who talks to you now.
    It could be someone who is around but shy about
    approaching you.

    • One of the issues is, there ARE a few guys at my school who I know like me, but they're creeps who hit on almost any girl they meet... and they aren't shy about it... AT ALL...

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    • Not that I would tell everyone!!! Everything else you said... wow... that was graceful...

    • I hope everything works out for you. Please feel free to keep me posted on
      what happens. :)

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