Oh god not another rate me... but will you?

Both on how I look, and if you want to know anything about me, feel free to ask.


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  • "if you want to know anything about me, feel free to ask"

    How is it that you realize these questions are the most annoying fucking thing to ever take over this site... yet you asked it anyway? Also, did the caveman sit around wondering what everyone rated him as? Why has this 'pandemic' of low self-esteem taken over when generations previously were basically better off for being left to suck it up and move on?

    Just some questions to answer :)

    • Oh get over yourself. This site is not exactly a reflection of intellectualism, or even truth most of the time. It has bits and pieces in it that aren't just meant to serve your selfish ass. This purpose here is as valid as any other random question you'll find.
      I never see you trolls bitching when some moron asks whether you prefer chicken or turkey, just so they can get 500 replies and feel popular.

      There is no effective way to handle these questions like they use to with "reality check", so direct your whining towards the moderators and don't take it out on the users.

    • Thank you @inamorata... I would've chosen yours as MHO but this was the only opinion on here up until now

    • Well somebody sure is mad about it lol

      Direct it towards mods? I've tagged the site owner in multiple questions like these... is that good enough for you, your highness? People all over this site say the same things about these silly questions, so it's no secret. They say it so much, in fact, that the QA here STARTED HIS QUESTION OFF WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT THESE QUESTIONS ARE HATED ON HERE.

      So yes, people (including this asker) are already perfectly aware of these questions, which means that you can kindly piss off :)

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