My new year resolution, and what I want to achieve by the end of Feb. Starting with style, and the physical side of things. Opinions?

My new year resolution is to become a better man. I'll be spending time, and money, in updating my wardrobe, working on my social skills, gaining confidence and as a whole, working on myself to change from being the beta male i have always been, to an alpha male, where i want to, and am suppose to be. A man who is driven by his goals, and isn't afraid of failure or rejection.

One of the things i'm looking at, is changing my style that can help bring out my personality and, when the time comes, to help convey the self respect and confidence that i hope to achieve within the next couple of months. I'm getting different ideas from people, through internet, face-to-face and generally all round to help me "have a clue" about the current fashion trends and where i can aim to reach my goal.

So what i'm asking of the ladies and gents here, is to take a look at the photo i'll be linking/attaching and give me your opinions on what you like AND what you don't like. BE HONEST, but be polite! This is going to help me get a better idea of where i need to work on, in regards to the visual side of things. The internal side, i'm working on that myself. I just need opinions on the physical/visual aspect.

Also, for any fashion ladies and gents out there, i'm busy trying to find a hair and beard style that would suit my facial structure and work with what i want to achieve. What ideas can you give me? Images to be provided please, so i can see what is being given.


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  • 1. You are going to the gym daily now and then dance classes, both with further guide you on appearance & dressing it, not to mention social IQ
    2. Until your shoulders swallow up some of that neck (that gals would love on themselves), vests & high collars are your new look, depending on season
    3. You'll hate this - beards indicate self-involved guys or blue-collar, even lazy (however brilliant a writer/creator they really may be) = LOSE IT, clean shaven but allowed some modest latitude at sideburns & rear bottom cut. Find a hair stylist that a) LIKES you & b) is creative, takes her time... at least on first visit to do "what's best" with your hair while it lasts
    4. Dress for success = whatever your professional is, get inspired by those in positions you covet.

    Actually, the easiest path to follow would be a GF's advice, who is terribly in love with you but not so jealous she would torpedo your efforts.

    • Thank you sooo much for the advice.

      The only thing i'll disagree on is the beard. My beard grows SUPER fast, as in, i'll shave in the morning and I have a 5 o'clock shadow by midday. It's mental, but it's what i gotta work with. Rather than shaving completely, i want to style it. Trim it, and let it work for me so that i DON'T look like a blue collar worker and more like someone who is successful and confident, and takes the time to groom and work with it :)

      I know what high collar shirts are, but by vests do you mean smart vests (that go over the shirt) or vest as in wife-beater? Here where i live temperatures are outrageously high, so it'll need to be clothing that is cool and breathable for the hot temperatures. But i definitely agree with the high collar. Maybe a light cotton one, or linen shirt...

    • Me? I'll never sleep with a beard, too many past experiences with their BS
      that said, no man is more macho & sleepover worthy than a guy that saved close/clean for work/AM then sports a shadow at cocktail time... ooohlala

      vest over the shirt if cold
      wife beaters never made any sense to be as underwear - cuts away from sweat areas?

      see if - for high temp climates - polo shirts have a high enough collar

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  • 1) You should brush your hair.
    2) You have gorgeous eyes! Maybe consider wearing contacts?

    • Normally i do brush my hair, unless it's a lazy Sunday afternoon where i'm enjoying the sun at home :P But contacts, i've tried. They tire my eyes out a lot, but i might reconsider. I am, however, considering lazer surgery as the permanent solution as soon as i get my shit together :)

    • I would not recommend laser surgery. I know that contacts are a pain in the a**, but once you get used to them, you hardly notice them. Have you ever tried styling your hair in a Conner-Franta-stye quiff? I think that would look cute on you.

    • Conner Franta style quiff... I will put that down as one of the styles to try out. Busy going through the various styles to see what fits. When i try it out, i'll send you a pic haha

      I will look into getting contacts again. They're not really a pain, especially dailies, it's more that they tend to dry my eyes out after a few hours of wearing them. But that might be something else. Will look into it again :)

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