How do I look? Rate me and give me some advice?

Hello. I'm 19 years old and im from Turkey. I've never had a gf.-_- I always wanted to be tall, dark and handsome. I have dark skin, im 6 ft 4 and now im here to ask you about the handsome part :) What do you think? Rate me ! Give me some advice, too.

This album contains picture of me with a short stubble:

Sometimes i go with a longer beard but people tell me i look better with a shorter one :) Here is "bearded me":

And i've been told i look a lot older than 19, i hope thats not a bad thing :D

back in high school where i got bullied a lot, this is how i looked like :

fat :/


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  • You look a lot better than how you did when you were in Highschool.
    Your expression was so sad. I could almost see all of the problems written on your face.
    Right now I rate you about a 6/7.
    You do look older than 19, but that's okay.
    It's not like you look like an old man, just a little mature.

    • yeah i dont have any good memories from high school other than the end of it. the problem is i can't let go of that old me, it haunts me. its the first time in my life i see some girls checking me out in my college campus or in the mall etc. and in my mind im always like "im ugly, they are looking at me because i look like a weirdo". Thats what people used to always tell me, that was the reason people looked at me. Thank you for your kind opinion.

    • No problem.
      Stay strong !
      Don't let your part experiences define you, only allow them to help mold you into s stronger being.

    • that was an awesome quote =) thank you

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  • You're totally handsome :)

    • thank you =)

    • And by the way you were quite goodlooking in highschool as well. I love your beard!

    • No No thats not how i looked check out the last picture.

  • Rate: 7/10

  • On a scale from 1-10 id say a 7, but u should get a hair cut and do ur eye brows then you'll be hotter than harry styles

  • You do look older than 19, but that is no problem! Im shocked you never had a girlfriend­čĹÉ

    • i didn't post "old me", you wouldn't be shocked if you saw how i looked like. i was really, really fat and got bullied a lot back in high school. now im in college and i've changed a lot :D

    • here ! have a look at old me :)

  • You have nothing to be worried about. You look masculinly handsome, but you still have a cute smile. Great fusion.
    To me you look 23 - 25 :)

    • thank you for your opinion =) may i ask what would you rate me looks-wise?

    • I would rate you as: "I would go out with you if you asked" haha, hope that's good enough :D

    • haha thank you :)

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  • 19? gosh i'd pass you almost 10 years older... sorry.

    • oh man i didn't know it was that bad lol. well i can't do anything about it. genes.. thanks for your opinion

    • You look older in a good way! Don't worry about it :)

  • you are fine but unassuming

    • thanks for your opinion :)