Guys, how would rate my body (no pics, sorry!)?

I am asking this question because I want to get more of an idea whether that guy staring at me is actually really staring at me or at a poster behind my head!

Niceish butt (not big but grabbable),
Toned and long legs,
Boobs= haha no boobs at all 32A and basically not there, and I also have shoulders on the wider side so that doesn't exactly help
small feet/hands
long neck
generally very slender but by no means emaciated skinny
also when i walk/move I have a good posture and generally quite 'graceful'

And be honest, I am not asking this question for a self-confidence boost (got enough of that, honest!). I don't need the kind and friendly people here to tell me to love my body (already do). I just want to know if Im deceiving myself into thinking a guy is checking me out when really he isn't

I won't take your opinions as a rigid facts because this is all virtual and you've never seen me, so I'll use your opinions as rough ideas (if that makes sense), so if you want to say flat-chested girls look like boys, go ahead it won't hurt my feelings.


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  • big boobs are really exaggerated by the media and from my experience it doesn't matter too much unless they are in your face and its like hypnosis. If you have bold hips with long legs I think that can definitely be attractive from behind. So guys could be checking you out but it sounds like they will be making eye contact with you


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  • How many fingers am I holding up? That many out of ten.

    If a guy is looking at you, he's checking you out.


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  • Is it that hard to tell whether a guy is staring at you or not? First of all if the poster was behind your head then you wouldn't get confused as to if he was looking at your body... because it'd be your head. Second, there's no way anybody could judge your body off the descriptions you gave, measurements maybe, but not "niceish."