How pretty am I? Guys, do y'all think I look ok?

On a scale from 1-10 how do I look?


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  • Looking for the approval of strangers on the internet... You're better than that.

    • You're right, I am better than that which is why I'm taking it off. Don't know why I did this in the first place.

    • Kudos to you dude, men take example, this is a true gentleman right there, while the rest of you go ahead and rate her like she's a poll, i would never date or even take notice of any of them... they are the reason so many women have very low self-esteem, it's really such a shame they have no mind to think how hurtful doing this to women is... you don't "rate" someone you just LOVE them for who they are, so take example.*shakes your hand* well done.

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  • Please girls... don't define yourself by the opinions of men or from anyone else... love yourself for who you are, if YOU think your pretty then who cares what anyone else thinks, there is a lot of guys out there who are not very nice at all and they will hurt you, break your trust over and over, try to screw with your self-confidence and your perception of things just to get in betweem your legs... it's not a safe world to define yourself by what others think about you, so please please love yourself.

    • I wish there was an option for 2 MHO's : ). Thanks

  • I can't really say based on solely one picta viewed from a certain angle with flash. Most people in pictu with flash look different from how they actually look.

    • True, but that was the only picture I had loaded to my laptop.

  • You're a pretty girl and you have a really friendly and open face.

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