Opinions requested. Am I attractive?

I don't mean to sound shallow. I'm just wondering. I've been told by some folks that I'm ugly, but I've been told by others that I'm cute. Needless to say, I'm confused. I could use a third opinion.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • God made you the way you are. Try to have confidence in yourself and don't care about what other people say or think. Everyone is beautiful inside and out in there own way and that's what really matters.

    • Thank you. I needed to hear that.

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    • I feel better now than I did when I posted this.

    • well im happy that you feel that way and remember its not the outside that counts its whats inside :)

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What Girls Said 1

  • Here's what I think... I think you're not ugly. You're normal and fine. I just think you should ditch those glasses and get a nice , short haircut that suits you best (: don't get beat by the people that call you ugly. It's just their own view after all. Not a universal fact


What Guys Said 3

  • Glasses aren't working for you or maybe it's the angle. Is your jaw really unbalanced? I'm guessing no, and it's just the angle. You're not a pretty looking guy but you have a pretty masculine appearance which tbh is better especially as you age. I think you could improve it, and will probably grow into it more.

  • No you are not ugly. But to be honest you look so out of date your hairstyle belongs to 60s also your glasses looks so out of fashion. For me you are a guy who don't cares about himself not a guy who looks ugly.

  • The nose definitely makes you ugly actually. Your eyes are pretty ugly as well. No offense.

    • Nice of u to comment so rudely while posting anon.

    • Your opinion is your opinion. :p No fucks given.

    • I always post the truth and always post anon. What difference does it make if I post anon? It's still the truth and everyone here is still anon regardless of how they post unless they post anon with their name and address. To the QA not sure why you asked this if you didn't give a fuck. Also what's up with your hair? You can make it so it's not a doo from the Brady bunch no?