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My eyelids droop very low. They have been this way since birth. I can still see but I always look tired or high. I'm always asked to open my eyes wider for pics but I can't. I asked an Optamologist and they said it is due to poorly developed muscles that can't lift my lids. He said there is surgery but it might cost since I can still see. I don't mind the cost but I don't agree with plastic surgery unless it's due to medical reason or birth defect.

would you view this the same as getting a birth defect fixed

  • it's the same as getting a birth defect fixed
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  • Be aware that operations are risky and that things can go wrong. If it is purely an aesthetic thing - I would not go through with it. Unless it is related to health issues - I would not go through with it but it is your life.

    • What aesthetic

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    • So if you had a birth abnormality due to a birth defect but it didn't affect your health, you wouldn't fix it?

    • No I wouldn't because it's expensive and there is a risk involved. The surgery could go terribly wrong and leave you horribly disfigured. Watch botched to get an idea of what I am talking about.

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