Does he like me or not?

I went on a first date with this guy and it went well.. time passed and we just were texting each other, sometimes talking.. well he wanted to come see me at my lunch time at my job. I agreed! He came right on time. So we talked at the little lunch table outside my job. I brought some snacks for us to snack on.. our conversation was great. My co workers even said he looked nervous while talking to me.. well or time was up so I had to go click back in. I told him once I had to go. He just kinda kept talking. Then I told him again. This time he did ok and we both got up to end our little lunch date. When I went to give him a hug. He squeezed me so tight and for a long time. Then looked at me and said. I want to do this again soon ok? I said ok I would like that. So I went in the office and he drive off. He texts me after this and said "it was good to see you. I said. You too! I enjoyed your company. He texts back. I'm glad. So no more contact the rest of the night. The next morning. No text from him. So I tested him and said "good morning :)" he replies "good morning" and no more contact other than that. That was this morning.. does this guy like me or not really?

Help please !!!


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  • he's probably playing it cool.

    • When should he text something. Im getting really worried. I feel like he should have said something more than just good morning you know?

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    • He texted me this morning. Thanks for your help. :)

    • there ya go :D

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