Am I look young? Bla bla?

Hey.. Am I look to young? Or not?



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  • You look older than your age.
    From the pic you look at most 22.

    • But I'm 17.. And everyone says 'you are look too young how old are you boy?' in Turkey..

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    • I'm 22 and look 15, according to the nurse who said "don't worry! when you're old enough you can get your own phone too?" So in my head I thought "BITCH" and then asked her how old do you think I am, and I'm 6'3 too so I don't know how she got this wrong. She was estimating lower and kind of counted up to 15 (woman doesn't think I know how to count in Spanish lol)

      So it's a little better the other way around IMHO I have a difficult time getting girls my age, cause I look like I belong in high school xP

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