When does looking young become an advantage and not a detriment?

How old do I look on my profile pic? My actual age is 21 and I always get girls when I'm home from college who think I'm 17 and don't believe I'm 21. On campus it doesn't matter cause everyone is at least 18 so college freshmen are OK and I'll be happy to take a compliment from a girl in my age range. I'm really annoyed though cause I still get asked what year I graduate HS. I try to look older and recently grew a 5 o'clock shadow type beard.



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  • I looked my age in my teens and 20's. When I hit my 30's I was guessed in my 20's, I'm in my 40's now. 47 and average age range guessed to be 35-42ish depending. Some say even younger, some older. I love it now when thought younger.

    • Well how old do I look lol.

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    • I was just walking through my house and this was the convo:

      14 yr old: Mom?
      Me: what?
      14 yr old: you're old
      Me: be quiet
      19 yr old: OLD
      Me: you be quiet too!
      19 yr old: I'm busy!

      I'd love to be young today lol

    • My sister looks 19 and is 32 and had a baby so she's lucky.

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  • I'm still waiting on it. Im 26 and guys think I look like i am 16.

    • I'd say you look 20 how old do I look?

    • depend how tall you are i would say 19 or 20

    • I'm 5'10 and 170 so I'm skinny lol.

  • I think for women, once you hit your late 20's, you want to start 'looking young'.


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  • Try me , I look like I'm 8 but I'm actually 20.

    Asian neoteny.

    • No I have asain friends an you look older than 8 lol. I'd say 18.

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    • Can I have your beard then?

    • Maybe lol if you call what I have I'm my profile pic a beard lol. Its a lot less patchy now that I trimmed it.

  • In terms of dating... once u reach your late 20s and up (i'm age 29), it does become advantageous if u like to date women younger than you!

  • 28 if you're going for younger women.

    Probably over 30 otherwise.

    In terms of dating women.

    • Ya its annoying me now but I've always been told its a blessing and to enjoy a full head of hair at 25.

    • Slight business drawback if you're a manager till 35ish but probably a plus by 50 too.

  • Looking young is good for a girl, but it's bad for a guy. Looking young has made a negative impact on me, and I've learned that looking handsome and attractive are two different things.

    • Well I look older when I don't shave thankfully but its funny to see people s reactions when they know I'm 21.