There's this new topic now so I'd figure I'd put this up what do you think?

It's not the best picture I took a quick one for my gay buddy originally (or maybe another reason. I like to take pictures for me he really likes twinks lol, but I have showed some people on here and they say I look good but I just want to know from other people.
P. S. I'm a twink with a preference for girls lol.

I'm just curious what people think, especially how old I look lol please tell me xD

Thanks everyone! Also if I'm really nor your type please jus stick with age estimate xD

  • Age looks like an early high school student
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  • Age looks like I'm legal
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  • I look like early 20's
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  • I look at least 20's if not mid
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Damn it yeah I look mega young but I'm in my early 20's xD
Awesome.. i guess. I'm 22 lol
Better to look 7 or 8 years younger than 7 or 8 years older <3


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  • 16-17. 18 maybe pushing it.


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  • -20/10 too much of a twink.

    • Lol I didn't ask for a rating, just how old do I look. But anyway since you rated me, how about I rate you. Oh wait I don't need to look at your picture, you're a bitch. -20/10 too sorry :/ just being honest!

  • Tell him to put his shirt back on.

    • Did you not see it was originally for my gay buddy, someone I had sex with?(I didn't mention the sex part but I mean what else do you think a shirtless picture for a gay friend would be (by a guy who prefers girls but enjoys sex with men too)

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    • @asker you're not a gay male that's why you say that :P

    • I am aware that I am not a gay male, no need to alert me of this.

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  • You look young, like 15 or 16 years old.