What is my body shape?

Shoulders: 38
Bust: 32 (32A cup)
Waist: 26
Butt: 36
Height: 5'6/169cm

I've taken these online body shape calculators some tell me Im a pear, another says im an inverted triangle and others say rectangles? So what am I?

Also, another question, when measuring hip circumfrence, do you stand hip width apart or with your feet together? Because if I measure feet together its 35 inches, hip width apart-36? Which is right?


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  • Well a pear and an inverted triangle are very similar... they are wider at the bottom than at the top.

    I guess the rectangle shape is because your shoulders and bum are about the same size, even though you are indented in the middle.

    So from those choices I would say rectangle... but i am no body shape connoisseur I either like it or I don't

    • No. They're quite the opposite. A pear would be the same as a triangle. An inverted triangle is a triangle turned upside down. Wider on top than bottom

      And rectangle doesn't apply here either. 10 inc difference in waist and hip is fairly curvy

    • LOL... you are right on the inverted triangle! sorry i just woke up.

      as far as rectangle goes, I was not comparing the waist and hip. I was comparing shoulder and butt and thinking a bigger area than you... but as i freely said "I am no body shape connoisseur" Now you know why!

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  • Unless u show me ur full body pic I can't judge it well...;)


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  • Pear shape with wide shoulders. I think not so sure about the shoulder measurements. I've heard average is 16 inch but only one side. Like the back or front

    • I've measured the circumference of the shoulders not just one side thats why lol

  • A pear shape

  • does it really matter?

    • To some extent it does, because knowing your shape allows you to pick the best clothes to maximize assets I think, but otherwise knowing your shape isn't that important I guess

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    • But arguably, the wider the hips the smaller the hip to waist ratio, so from this angle they are an important factor of attractiveness, but I do agree that the waist and hips are interlinked and separately do not contribute to attractiveness that much

      And you're not rude at all! :) Thanks for opinion!

    • ok then cool, thanks

  • You're human shape haha

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