Girls what do you think of this facial hair?

Thoughts on this look would be appreciated. Is it attractive or not, too scruffy, should I shave any part of it, etc.

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  • America's most wanted? ... anyone? lol
    Im sorry man its all in fun but honestly it looks fine :p

  • I don't know what you look like without facial hair but I think the facial hair adds to your appearance and makes you look better.

    • I don't know if you can kinda imagine it but I look kinda boyish without the hair.

  • Full beard or nothing. Go big or go home right?

    • Would be nice but unfortunately this is the pattern it grows in... I am missing the cheek hair to complete a full beard lol

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    • It's my facial expression lol... that's just my normal face a lot of people say it looks serious...

    • Mr Grumpy Gills hahahaha

  • Personally, I'm not a fan of any facial hair on guys. Some morning shadow is okay, but I'm not into beards or mustaches. Just my opinion.

  • i dont like facial hair at all


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