Build Your Perfect woman?

Guys if you could build your perfect woman, what would she be? be specific. Like personality as well as looks.


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  • Looks: Very short, big green eyes, very little muscle tone, few pounds overweight, cute face, pale, petite, boobs and butt on the larger side but her butt should be more cellulite than muscle, and a small shoulder width, hair not too short also
    Personality: Outgoing, understands my sometimes complex sense of humour, understands or at least makes an attempt to understand me as a person, similar taste in music, art, and aesthetics (comes along with understanding me), atheist (but not one that is a very angry atheist that yells at religious people online all day), is ok with just chilling at home but also would enjoy hiking, adventuring, and staring at stars, and is just generally a nice person.
    If she played an instrument that'd be nice too, so we could jam together and stuff.

    • Also if she has that skater girl style going for her, that'd be perfect.

    • Lmao, like how I'm getting downvotes yet I'm the only one who's actually answered the question.

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  • Ah, I remember doing that when playing The Sims. It's just too hard to describe in words but I don't think the perfect picture (or combination of pictures) exists online. It's complex.

  • The thing is, a perfect woman has flaws, since there's no such thing as "perfect".

    Plus it'd be weird to have a perfect woman from Ikea or something.

  • Butt of Kim Kardashian
    Boobs of Kate Upton
    Legs of Adriana Lima
    Face of Belen Rodriguez
    Lips of Angelina Jolie
    Personality: funny, humorous, clever, not very outgoing


    Classy. Career oriented, goal oriented, ability to balance her career and personal life. Well, tough yet sweet, motivated yet caring. Leader in both work and community but a lovable servant, like a bee who provides honey to her family.

    A+, smoking hot but respectable.

  • Nurturing, nice, honest, sexy, loves video games, loves the same games I do, and is a girly girl.

  • Dark brown medium-long straight hair, blue eyes, medium-petite build with medium-small breasts and shapely ass.

    Affectionate, loving, loyal, very sexual, good sense of humor, more family oriented than career oriented, not a feminist.


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  • whaaat? girl you shouldn't care about a mans 'perfect' woman! this aint' build a bitch workshop lol, they should love you for you

    • I think she meant just for fun, these aren't expectations just dream girls.

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    • >Difference between 3 dicks and a joke
      >you can't take a joke.

    • Saying you made a joke would imply you said something funny, which you obviously didn't.

  • It's for fun let's see what guys say but please don't encourage them. They go overboard.

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