Anyone can help my situation of acne?

Im 17 years old and gonna be 18 soon.. i have acne in my face as well as body.. i shld get rid of it.. but i have visited many dermatologist and had tried creams and medicines no use.. i'm really stressed.. anyone can give me any solution to cure this?

All the opinion was most helpful.. but i can select oly one.. thankyou all..:-)


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  • 1) Eat healthy
    2) Figure out your acne triggers - For many people (like myself), dairy triggers acne and once they stopped eating dairy the acne gradually went away. Stress is another common trigger.
    3) Try natural remedies - there is aspirin/honey mask; coconut oil; or vitamin c mask. Look it up on YouTube.
    4) Don't pop pimples, however tempting. Popping just leaves a dark scar which takes forever to go away.


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  • Get enough sleep
    change your pillow case more often
    apply some organic honey to affected areas after you shower
    drink enough water


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  • I was in my mid-20s when I finally accomplished this same goal.
    I switched to Clinique make-up from drugstore brands. Clinique is hypoallergenic and also has especially clean products for people with sensitive/acne prone skin. Now I only break out when I am accidentally exposed to pine or food dyes which I am allergic to. I also use dye and fragrance-free laundry products to avoid body breakouts. Look into possible allergies, you'd be surprised how much they can affect your skin and other parts of your health without you realizing. The dye allergy is quite common though many people do not know it exists. You'd also be surprised to know how much of our food contains it.
    Birth control also helps if it is a hormonal issue. It typically takes a while to regulate your hormone levels (the flex is what causes the acne.)

  • My mom is a dermatologist, and I have clear skin. I hope I can help :)

    The #1 thing: DO NOT pop, squeeze, or even touch your face/pimples. This spreads bacteria and dirt, and causes even more breakouts. It also causes acne scaring, and pock marks.

    #2: Products that are organic and natural. All those products and creams you are currently using are filled with chemicals and perfumes that can damage the skin. I recommend 2 brands that my mom uses on her patients: Consonant (all natural and organic) and Juice Beauty (really good also)

    #3: try not to use too much foundation or makeup that will clog the pores.

    #4: Take a cloth, and soak it in very warm/hot water and gently press into your skin. This rids your skin of dirt, and opens the pores (wash face with cleanser right after you wet your face with hot cloth)

    #5: Eat healthy. Tons of chocolate and fried foods aren't helping. Also, excersizing makes you sweat, which also opens the pores

    #6: Change pillow cases on a regular basis (dirt on your pillows can go into your skin while you sleep)

    Hope I helped :)

  • I'm not sure what method he uses but he was my doctor for my face... amazing!!! Here is his website, take a look. Maybe it will help to see what you need.

    Good luck :)

  • 1) try not to eat oily food
    2) (this works for me) make a paste out of bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice put it on your pimples amd wait until it dries out then wash it off.
    3) invest in rooibos tea products like Annique

  • Relax stress contributes to acne as well my brother tried proactive and it really worked for him...

    • Proactiv doesn't work. It strips the skin of it's natural oils with harsh chemicals, and your skin needs to produce even more oil, which causes breakouts. :(

    • I use it and that stuff is useless

    • It worked fir my bro