If you trim your facial hair will it stick out or grow back nice and smooth how it was before?

i have facial hair on my face and it makes me really self concious, its not loads but i did trim once because i was scared people would notice and say something, i do regret it and wish i had tried another option of removal or cover up. but what i want to know is, if i cut it once, will it still grow back nice and smooth to how it was before i trimmed or stay how it is after i have trimmed? i really need some help on this im only 16 :(


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  • It depends if you shave it it will grown back stubby and darker and could cause in grown hair it will also grow back faster if I was you I would use an epilator that's what I use it pulls the hair from the root yes it's painful at first but you'll get use to it you can also wax but it make your skin on your face to sag and wrinkle faster I would recommend the epi stick I love it it's only abou 2 euro on eBay hope this helps

    • i have never removed my facial hair in any way i just wanted to know if you cut your facial hair does it grows back smooth? thanks for the suggestions! but i dont want to remove my hair on my face because im quite young :)

    • It depends on the method you use to remove it like if you were to shave it it wouldn't be smooth it would be stubby and grown back darker

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  • Yes it does but try waxing I find to be the best in facial hair

    • so if i grow it back out, will it grow back smooth how it was before, considering i have never shaved or removed the hair in anyway. (i just cut it to make the hairs appear shorter, because they were abit long but they were smooth)

    • In my case they grow smooth but dont shave wax it

  • No never shave facial hair if you're a girl, wax it off or use hair removal cream. Shaving is a really bad idea!

    • I have never shaved I have only cut the hairs with eyebrow scissors I have never removed it in any way :)