Do I need to get a grip or lose some weight?

I'm a 16 year old girl and am 5 foot 8 inches. I weight 72 kilos (169 pounds) and have 12D (34D) boobs. I feel weird asking this but lately people have been hinting over weight. Am I?

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  • Technically you're slightly overweight according to your bmi. Do you have a large frame? Do you feel comfortable with your body and have a healthy diet?

    • I guess you could say I have average shoulder but I defiantly have wide hips. Even at my height the bone is visable.

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    • You sound fine. Having a healthy lifestyle would be great though. You're on the border of being overweight and most people slowly gain weight over life. I know not many 16 year olds want to think about this. It's more fun to eat what you want.

    • As a vegan yummy food is limited so foods actually never been a problem. On second thoughts those seconds of pasta... Thanks for the advice mate.

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  • 5'8. thats pretty tall. damn. but honestly a picture would help, especially since you're tall.

  • I don't think you have anything to worry about. Still, exercise is something everyone should do.


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  • Just remember muscle counts as well, its not just fat. BMI isn't the best way to determine health. You may carry it around butt and thighs and boobs which can look nice on a girl (curvy) but nit overweight if you have a flat stomach). As long as you are living a healthy life style, dont worry! You are really tall like me and im v similar weight

    • Thanks. Some one suggested skipping so ill see if I can lose a couple of pounds. If not this comment actually made me fell better

  • You are not over weight but maybe borderline? I would loose like ten and call it good.

  • I'm the same height as you, and 168.
    You're like overweight by 4 pounds or so.

    So technically you should lose 4 pounds to be back in a healthy range, but its really not a HUGE deal if you're not starting to gain more weight.

    • I seem to carry the weight mainly on butt and thighs. Having a flat stomach and everything. Do you find the same thing happens?

    • Lol yeah exactly the same for me. All weight I gain is thighs and butt. We're body-twins.

    • Feel your pain.