How does my friend look here?

In this link how does he look? We are possible friends with benefits but I'm considering it more now that he looks really good here. Or is it just me? lol

*Raffles* I sure hope you don't see this lol


Lol this was on his wall post by somebody else.
This is why I like this guy he does funny ass shit like this and his personality he is funny and fun to talk to :P I just don't know if I want him as a fuck buddy yet lol He liked me back when we first met I was 16 lol and didn't come out yet so yeah. He still likes me it's just obvious I stayed at his house too lol

Thanks people! (so far :P)


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  • whoEVER he is I'm not a fan of his hair.

    • Yeah I noticed that. Without product it's okay lol but he has had a crush on this boy shaun and shaun has the BEST hair ever and this guy here has always seemed like he tries to copy shauns hair. Hell even I wanted to copy shauns hair lol.
      Thanks for the reply :P

What Guys Said 1

  • He looks gay to me I say go for it! If you like em go for it

    • Eh gay or not, he looks good here and that's what I'm noticing lol, not that he's just a dude. Dou you wanna bone just any chick cause she has a vagina? I'd hope not!

    • I thought you were asking if we thought he was gay. In my head knowing if someone is attractive to me personally seems a lot easier than guessing sexuality so I thought you wanted to know if we thought he was or not not if he was attractive or not. I still stand by my statement if you like him go try.

    • Well thing is he's super horny and know he'd want lots more if I gave it to him lol. Or want to give me more :3