Is my belly too big and is my shape okay?

imgur. com/ifqcs3q

I'm 17 and really slim but my belly has gotten big over the months I'm not pregnant lol I dnt no why! So do you think I should excersize or is it fine?

imgur. com/ifqcs3q put http:// in the front it wnt let me post links n fil in spce after the.


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  • Here's the pic for the lazy folk.

    You arebfine. You should exercise, but not for your belly but general health. Just because you're slim does not mean that your healthy. Also if you feel like your belly is getting bigger then I'd suggest you stop the molehill before it becomes a mountain

    • thnx sooo much <3

    • No problem. It can be a bit difficult when trying to get a picture up while you're still new here

    • yh it was kinda frustrating but its cool

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  • Do excercise and dunt think much its ayte :-)

  • Can't access the pic

    • its just the spce after the. ths the prob it added tht after posting for some reason

    • I see, you look good. It's not too big.

    • thnx maybe i was just overthinking it

  • that link thing doesn't even lead to a pic of ur stomach. u are just fishing for compliments and are up ur self 'and am really slim' if ur bloody slim then why as the question?

    • imgur. com/ifqcs3q put https:// in the front it wnt let me post links my belly is the prob not my bdy n im not looking for compliments

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    • sighh why do people always think tht others r trying to seek compliments n even if i wz which im not wht is wrong with tht just ignore the person's question im asking with all the respect in the world because im not a negative person

    • stop bullying her maybe she doesn't want compliments get on with your life and stop picking on people frfr

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