note boy... i dont want to hurt his feelings!!! help?

So there has been this guy that has given me love notes during class one in French and another lyrics from a song so far. He is really nice, but I'm not attracted to him. I don't want to hurt his feelings, so lately I tried ignoring him-until I got the second love note. He talks about my eyes, and beautiful smile, and how he HOPES I like him! I am that girl in school, who is REALLY nice, and I am not the type to say no to someone. But I don't want to lead him on- nor tell him straight up (I'm not the type to do that). Can you guys give me advice on how to show him I'm not interested- both verbally and physically. Thank you! :)


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  • Just talk to him after class and Say
    " Look I really appreciate all the sweet things you said in the notes but Im just not looking to talk to anyone right now and not feeling relationships. I just wanted to tell you that because I don't want you to waste your time on me. I hope you understand.. "

    • Thanks that's some good advice I will try that:)

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  • Give him a note that brother I m engaged... N show him engagement ring... lol

    • LOL!!! I should do that (JK)! Thanks for the advice. :)

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