Describe or rate me?

The title says it all. I wanna know how would people describe me physically and if you rate, you can


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  • I never understand these questions because you can't do anything about it anyway. My question is why do you care? What other people think doesn't matter. Be yourself and stop worrying.

    • Hmm plain curiosity? I can't really tell that I care. I mean if someone calls me ugly I won't have a bad day. If someone rates me 10 it won't make me fly to the roof. Have you not ever wondered what other people think about you? Not even the slightest?

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    • No its because I had more important thing to think about

    • Who wastes time think about whatever on this site? But whatever it's no longer fun now

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  • Very pretty ill say 9.5/10

    • Oh wow I thought I would be 8 at the most. Thank you :)

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