I bought two wheels that didn't match my two wheels in the back. Should I buy the other two in the back or should I just not care?

I bought two black steel wheels. I have aluminum alloy silver wheels in the back tires, but I put two black steel ones in the front. It looks super ugly. In case your wondering why I did that. It was because those two rims were bent so bad that they were causing my steering wheel to shake. They have me a real good deal. They mounted them and put them on and everything for $100 and it was $47 per black steel wheel so I just bought what I needed to fix my steering wheel shake. I just need my car to get me through college. I'm saving up for graduate school so here is the dilemma. Buy the other two for another $100 bucks (basically only for aesthetics) which I don't care about. I just see my car as a machine only used for transportation. I don't care how it looks or whatever. It's an 01 hyundai elantra by the way. I'm just asking your opinion! What would you think if you saw me like that?


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  • Not a fan of mismatched things


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