How to look cute instead of sexy?

Oh, well. It's me again. Hi! *waves*

It's so frustrating having a crush on a guy that is just a bit taller than you, and him having a crush on your best friend that is small and cute.

I'm not going into detail about the crush-complication right there. My crush is a bit older than me, and a few inches taller. I don't wanna be the long legged, pretty girl. I know I'm slim, and have a nice figure (that's hidden beneath all the black clothes I wear lol. )
But I don't wanna come of as hot to him. I wish he'd think I was cute, and he wanted to be like protective and stuff.

So what can I do? It could be from me doing the "cute" walk ( let's pretend, that something like that actually exists. ) to doing cute facial expressions or gestures and stuff. What do you guys think is cute, what a girl does?


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  • I don't think that can really be done cos... it's an innate quality.
    For example.
    Let's look at this picture.
    This here is Ryan Gosling.
    He is what is know as... cute.

    Notice the soft features and kind eyes, it isn't sexually aggressive but gentle. Those are born with.
    Now let's look at exhibit B!

    Jean Claude Van Damme.

    VERY high testosterone packed , VERY manly and sexually aggressive.
    That's your SEXY. Also born with.

    Can you imagine Jean Claude van damme serving you breakfast in bed lol?
    No , you can't.

    You just gotta work with what you have gurl.


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  • Dont change fir him you are perfect