Ladies, I need your help please?

Okay, so the person in my profile picture is me. I was in Turkey at the time, so I was a bit more tanned than I usually am (I'm Turkish - if that helps).

I work out at Gym at least once every two days, and I have a good looking body for a 15 year old (I'm 15)

As for my style: I usually wear V T-Shirts underneath a hoodie, and I crawl the sleeves of the hoodie up to under my elbow, and zip the hoodie halfway. I also wear jeans a lot - neither skinny jeans, not baggy though. I wear an army style necklace and sometimes a male bracelet. I spend at least 5 minutes on my hair each day, and don't leave my house without putting a nice smelling deodorant on.

As for my personalities: I am a ver good listener, I could remember something a girl told me months ago. I also play Spanish guitar, and have done for about 4 - 5 years now. I don't like to get into any fights or arguments, and like to think that I have an alright sense of humour.

All of the above are 100% true and I have not made up any of them

Here's my question: would you go out with a guy like me? I'd appreciate it if you could rate my looks in the poll section, and the rest in the comments.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all this, I truly appreciate it, so thanks again! :)

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