Am I a complete freak?

Well I don't have a picture, but I can describe something about me that... well isn't normal. So I love fire and used to self harm... which all sums up to my hands. The insides of both my hands are completely red and white, so pinkish if you glance over them, but if you look closely then you can see it healed in a way that its dark pink and white blotches, about half the size of what a hole puncher does , that is on ALL the inside, palms, fingers, etc ., so how noticeable /unattractive would this be in reality, like if I was just hanging out do you think you would notice it? Also would it make me seem like a complete freak or cut down how attractive I am alot?


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  • Doesn't really sound that bad. I doubt anybody would be put off by it. It wouldn't take away from attractiveness either


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  • You need to get help and see your doctor about the feelings you have and what you've done to yourself. You're in no position to be dating or worring about dating until you get some help with these issues. You're not a freak, but you do seriously need some therapy because if you do not those urges will get worse and you will become someone you don't want to be.

    • Nah, I'm OVER thay shit, well not fire but I keep it in control, I managed to mentally heal BUT... but but but my skin wasn't so lucky haha

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    • Burning things to deal with emotions is a serious precursor to bigger and more horrid acts. You should be concerned, in a big way!

    • , and that's why I stopped burning to deal with emotions and always make sure I'm happy before the lighter comes out 😊

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