How can I tell what I look like? Any sources or could anyone tell me?

I really wanna know what nationality or ethnicity I look like and I can't tell myself. But my natural hair color is medium brown or dark brown, my eyes are brown, I know Im not Asian. My hair is also naturally wavy kinda and it's thick.


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  • Yea. There's a category on here "how do I look" that's made just for that.

    • Do I post a picture somehow?

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    • An URL to a website?

    • Yea to the pic. So like you can upload your pic to tinypic and get a url for it, then put it on here.

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  • Actually there is a place that will do DNA analysis and see your lineage. It's kindo cool.

    • Something like that tells you what you are, or what you look like?

    • Yes... based on the marks they really tell you both

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