Please read about my details and tell if my body is attractive or not. Please?

Age : 14
Nationality : Indian
Colour : Typically Asian
Height : 5'6''
Waist Size : 24
Bust Size : 34
Band Size : 28.25
(Bra size : 32C)
Butt Size : 36
Legs :38 (length)
Thighs : 20 (upper) and 15 (lower)
(with thigh gap)
Lower Leg : 11
Arms : 22 (Length)
Arm width : 13.5 (upper) and 8.5 (lower)

Hair (if you wanna know)...
Colour : Black brown (natural)
Length : Past waist (keeps changing, obviously)

Please tell me what you think of my body. I grow more and more conscious of my body with each passing day...

*all measurments are in inches


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  • It looks like CV application or sth, couldn't you just upload a photo?

    • I found giving details easier... anyway, this doesn't work or what?

    • I have no idea of measurements, but if you have a good personality that's what counts and after that comes the looks

    • I wish other people think that way, too... But you know, if you've only met me once, it doesn't work that way...

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  • You're 14? Your age bracket is 18-24..

    • That was my mistake... I'm sorry!

  • Lol you put so much effort in this and you're just 14 most of that will change by the way i like long hair

  • Age is 14 others area not important. You are just 14 why do you have these kind of complexes at this age?


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  • you're sexy. Proportionate. Others have already told you irl (i read from the comment), so it's obvious your body is great.

    • Well, thanks for your opinion.. and those "others" mean my sisters and some of the other females in my family. But that's fine, too, ..

  • Your measurements look fine to me.. :) Dnt be so self concious.. Looks matter only so much. Rest assured you'll be getting lots of guys running behind you. (for ur butt!!)

    • They don't... -_-

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    • Thanks a lot... maybe its an inferiority complex...

      nd well, becoming a model in India is not easy :P

    • Dnt worry, you'll get over it dear :)

  • Why so insecure, i bet you're hot

    • I am straight lol

    • thanks! I don't know why but I'm having trouble liking my body, many people praise it, though...

    • You have thigh gap, curves and long hair. You should love your appearance more :)