What's my ethnicity?

I forgot my ethnicity.. help me out? =P


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  • You look African-American descent (phenotype wise).

    People of your descent can be from many parts of the map.
    Where you are from (does not affect your racial background).
    I would think you have Spanish heritage as well.
    A wild guess would be Panama or Dominican.

    • If I was in USA, would I fit into both black and Latino "hoods"?

  • Well considering your profile says you're from Australia I won't say you're African-American but you're definitely partially black and I'm going to guess that you're part hispanic now are you partially Mexican, Dominican, or Puerto Rican... Ehh I'm gonna ignore my gut cause im usually wrong and guess Puerto Rican.


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  • You remind me a little of the kid from that Aussie show Jonah From Tonga, Jarrod from the juvenile detention center. The resemblance is in your lower face I think.
    They always called him an "abo" (sincere apologies if that's derogatory, I'm from the US and have no idea, haha), but I'm assuming that's related to Aborigines? Just a wild guess. I know a few Panamanian dudes who have some similar features to you too. Just a shot in the dark though.