Why do people keep saying I look like Nick Jonas or Johnny Manziel?

I get really annoyed cause the sorority girls on campus keep joking with me and saying im a less attractive Nick Jonas. I don't see it and now people on campus call me Nick Jonas and I am tired of the back handed compliment. I also get I look like johnny manziel and they dont look alike.



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  • Telling someone that they look like a less attractive version of anyone is rude so I get why you're annoyed. You look more like Kevin Jonas to me tho.

    • See I don't know who that is I only know nick and its ride I'm annoyed. You can call me ugly I don't know but but just say and not imply it.

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    • Too bad I look 17 lol.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • they like teasing you

    • I wish I looked like nick Jonas lol. I wouldn't mind if they even said I'm unattractive but its the back handed compliment that bothers me.

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