Am I attractive? What do girls think of me?

I'm about 5 ' 8 ". My face is a 5 - 7 and I have a nice smile. I have tan skin, short and thick black hair, and dark eyes. I'm slim with mostly muscle. I shower and wear deodorant and cologne daily.

Most people don't know me and I'm quiet but friendly. I'm a little shy but only because I don't socialize a lot. I have a few close friends and prefer to keep to myself and focus on work. I'm comfortable participating and working with others. I'm not always serious and can be funny when I choose to.

My clothes are modest and normal with a little style. I like fighting, shooting, hunting, driving, most music, and Netflix. I'm confident in my abilities, interests, and being myself. I like doing my own thing so I'm not looking for a relationship.

So girls, what do you think of me? I don't talk to a lot of people so I have no idea. Feel free to ask for more details and please be 100% honest.


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  • I think a picture would be needed instead of a description.

    But everyone is attracted to different people. Take me for instance. I think skinny guys are cute, but I also think chubby guys are cute. Long hair or short hair. Quiet or social, doesn't matter to me as long as we get along and I feel a spark.

    • The best I can do is a body picture. I'm not ugly, I just prefer to be anonymous. I'm sure you understand.

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