Am I attractive to you ladies?

A lot of girls at my school say that i'm ugly as hell and they would never go out with me. They say it so much that i don't even know if i'm attractive to other girls. Can you ladies check out my profile pic and tell me if i'm attractive or not? Please have honest answers.

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If you guys are wondering what my race is i'm 3/4 African-American and 1/4 Caucasian (German)
Also can you leave a rating out of ten in the comment section? (Ex 8/10). You don't have to but it would be gladly appreciated!


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  • What kind of school do you go to? You are a very fine looking guy. You're cute/handsome... I don't know why girls say that to you unless they're just teasing you or maybe they dislike your personality

    • I honestly don't know why they are saying that. I don't think it's my personality because my friends love my personality. I'm a funny guy but yet kind of an introvert.

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    • I actually never thought of that. That might be the solution to my problem, Thanks!

    • You're welcome! :)

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  • This question... You my good sir deserve a nice, ripe pineapple up the ass. Asking complete strangers over the internet if you are attractive or not? Smh. In all honesty you're not UGLY but you also aren't Christopher Hemsworth...

    • It's pathetic i know but if you were in my position you would understand.

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    • Ha! That's how life works period. (Time to be Basically Basic) Gotta Ignore the hating Bitchachoes cuz yolo and everybody knows that you stay dipped in butter bruh

    • 'deserve a nice, ripe pineapple up the ass' HAHAHAHAHA
      sorry but that is single handedly the best thing I've read on this site

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  • Is it your friends that say this cause they are probably joking.. You're handsome But stay humble okay? :)

    • No it's not my friends that say this it's just random girls. And thanks!

  • Yes you are attractive :) I like your style!


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