What body figure are men most attracted to?

What body figure is most attractive?

  • Skinny - No boobs/butt
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  • Curvy - All boobs/wide hips/round butt
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  • Slim - Skinny but with medium boobs and round butt
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  • Muscular - Huge and muscular arms/legs
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  • Round - Overweight/round...
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I am waiting for the first guy to choose muscular!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone likes something different. The few comments you will get on here won't represent the entire male population. Don't worry about what you THINK guys want based on a handful of responses. Be who you are and be happy with it. Guys like girls who like themselves (without being cocky/egotistical). The right guy will show up one day. All of the rest don't matter.

    • Thank you for that :)

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    • Beauty really does shine from the inside out. When a woman is truly happy with herself and smiles/laughs often, men are attracted to her. A physically hot woman with a crappy personality will turn many men away from a long-term relationship with her. She'll be wanted mainly for sex and tossed aside. He'll most likely pick the average girl who's happy, likes herself and others, etc over the miserable or slutty hot girl in the end.

    • You're still young and guys change as they get older. Their choices change as they learn. Be the girl who gets the guy in the end.

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