Should I start going on a diet?

I am not statisfied with my body
I am 5'3" and 127lbs
Regardless of all people who praise my body I feel insecure,
I feel like I should start working out and going on a diet
It might be because my ex boyfriend start on dating a skinner girl than me while we were still dating, I don't know


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  • Yes, you should lose weight if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.
    People praise your body because they don't see what you see.
    You see yourself in your fully naked state, they do not.
    If you want to tone and lose weight do what's best for you.
    It is your body.
    You know the improvements that can be made.
    We all can be a better version of ourselves.

    • In response to your last line : if you're wanting to lose weight other than the fact that it's something you want then you are losing it for the wrong reasons.

    • You motivated me thanks :')

    • No problem :)

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  • yeah if you want to, but better not fall under 110 lbs

  • Pics will help.

    I dont like skinny girls.

    Guys like sightly fat girls. That explains p*rn start bodies.


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  • Only lose weight if you want to do it for yourself. But if you do want to do this for yourself then there's no reason for crazy diets.. But losing weight is extremely simple. Exercise at least three times a week for an hour and eat balanced meals. A proper plate should consist of 1/2 veggies or fruit, 1/4 complex carb (such as brown rice, quinoa or wheat bread, etc), and your protein should be the size of your palm. For exercise I think weight lifting is most effective (don't worry about getting bulky, women lack the necessary hormones to get muscles like men), I think it's more effective because it burns calories long, and build lean muscle which burns calories by just existing. If you want bigger muscles (example, larger butt or arms) then do heavy weighted exercises with low reps (low weight high rep) and if you want smaller leaner muscle do low weights high rep (this basically toned preexisting muscle. And add about 20mins of cardio of your choice. This is what I find most affective but great at home workouts like blogilates or tone it up on YouTube are great and free.
    Staying motivated us hard, but I suggest making a vision board. It sound stupid but it works (mine has a picture if my setting or before body and next to it are a bunch of pictures of my dream body) seeing how far I had come or was going really set the tone of my day and reminded me what I was working for. I also keep one picture of my dream body on the fridge so that it reminds me to make smart choices about what I'm eating

    • This helped me quite a lot

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    • That's my goal though

    • I don't really care about weight anymore I'm just trying to tone up

  • No do not go on a diet! Your a perfect weight for your height and working out, going to the gym is not just for losing weight but to make you physically stronger and healthier and that would require you to lift weights so just running doesn't help, I seriously don't undrstand girls like that but anyway I'm going to tell you what every older and wiser man has told me once boys want a stick thin girl up until they understand they want a thick women after into their 30s and even 40s that's unfortunate but some realize they want a girl like that early on, point being just love the skin your in. Stop trying to be someone your not and for gods sake stop saying and thinking your fat and insecure about yourself! Trust me, there will be plenty of guys and maybe your boyfriend left you because your not giving him any and good for you if your not, you will find the one you belong with and for now you need to concentrate on your school plus life gets easier when you stop thinking about the ways you need to look just stay in school, do good in life and be happy with yourself! Yes easier said than done but you can do it!

    • My grades are high though, but I am not self confident with my body anymore. And i think dropping some weight might make me feel better, thanks anyway:)

    • Sigh you little girls have a lot to learn and unfortunately you never don't but it's your life, I just hope I can help see people who they are inside and comfortable in their own skin - my sister is 5'3 and 127 lbs and I'm sorry I don't see any fat in her or on her which is why I said don't go on a diet and this is in response to the girl who gave you her opinion because she said other people don't see what you see - do yourself a favor research everything in life, grades have nothing to do with common sense search cellulite and how it came to be by a rich bitch to target women's insecurity and once when scientists have said every woman has it and it's healthy to have and if it's a lot just do squats - women being women still bought creams to stop cellulite because the damage to women's psychology has been done already

  • Jus maybe exercise thats always goodfor you and eat healthy no need to diet your still young and your body is probably still going through changes and that guy is an idiot you dont have to change for anybody but my thoughts are just eat healthy and drink plenty of water and excercise hope this helps

    • I will, from that day i figured out my ex boyfriend cheated on me I don't feel comfortable with my body, I can't feel the confidence I used to have back then, working out might help me feeling better about myself thank you :)

    • Your welcome hunny dont ever let a man make u c urself different some guys jus like an easy target and there not worth your time i hope u understand its his wrong and not yours hunny xx

  • You sound healthy. Go on a diet if you want, but don't starve yourself, this is unhealthy.

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