Girls do you prefer the clean cut look or the longer hair look?

My hair is longer than its been in a long time and I have some facial hair as seen in my profile pic and my family hates it. My sister said its trashy and unprofessional. Well my sister is 32 and settled down I'm younger and still in college so do college aged women prefer clean cut or my current look.



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  • It depends on the guy, tbh. I'd say it doesn't suit you, though. At least not yet.

    • The hair or the five o'clock shadow. I don't know if I should keep growing it out or trim it and thin it now.

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  • Depends upon the woman. Everyone is different.
    For me: the cleaner cut the better. A suit and tie is the most attractive thing a man can wear. A lover sending a photo of himself in a suit and tie is the equivalent of me sending a naked photo of myself lol.

    • Lol I don't own a polo let alone a suit. My profile pic is the longest may hair has been and I like it lol.

  • I like trimmed and maintained. I don't like long shaggy "skater" hair. I don't mind facial hair as long as its maintained. Many guys look more attractive with some scruff, it can be very sexy. Do whatever your comfortable in.

    • Well my profile pic is the shaggiest look I've had lol.

  • I like clean cut. I VERY rarely see a man that looks good with longer hair. I personally think a man needs to be Adsm Levine hot to be able to pull off longer hair.
    Lol i was exaggerating. But you got my point

    • So profile pic look isn't working.

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    • I would like to tell them to just think it out so it is light her cause my hairs super thick. I don't know if that's possible.

    • Maybe you can Google a hairstyle you want so they get that picture

  • I think it looks fine.

    • I like it I'm being lazy and its easy but what my sister said bothers me.

    • Who cares? She's your sis not your gf

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