Could you rate me out of 10 please?

Hey guys and girls!

Could you please rate me please?

I am just curious is all and would like some input.

Thanks muchly


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  • To be completely honest. You're a 4. I don't like anything about your features. Sorry.

    • Thanks for your honesty. 😊

    • You're welcome. I don't think you meant to give me MHO... but thank you anyway? Lol

    • Well I appreciate your honesty. 😊 and you did it with tact. So I like it 😊

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  • Omg what mascara are you using? So pretty!!

    • Its maybelline. Colossal lash. 😊 I love it. Best one I have ever used!

    • What color is the tube?

    • Its yellow. But it could be different over here in au.. Don't get the waterproof one. Its shit. Ahah doesn't give half of the volume as this one. And don't get the cat eye one. This one is called volume express.

  • Someone really taught you how to say please and thank you.
    And you're pretty, 6.89/10