Rate my body, am I too skinny?

I'm 5 11 and 140s lbs... I run close to 20 miles a week, some weeks more some weeks less. I don't plan to stop running or slow down the amount due to the 2mile run being one of the events tested in the army physical fitness test.

I've tried to put on weight for the past 2 years and I lost 10 about 15 pounds when I started lifting. Went from 150 to sub 140 and I've currently bitting sitting around 141 for a white.

I've toned up relatively nicely I guess, still have a lot of work to do. I've mainly been focusing on the size of my pex. Yea it's small but progress is progress =p

Image Link : https://gyazo.com/12580b7b705164c775aba02c5b86300b

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You're skinny, yes.
    But not "too skinny".


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What Girls Said 2

  • 5'11" and 140 lbs is on the skinnier side.. But not too skinny

  • I ain't ratin' yo bahday, man.


What Guys Said 5

  • Lmao did you try to tuck in your stomach in that picture? between your upper abs, lower-chest is bulging out LOL

    • I noticed that tuck too..

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    • The only real core exercises I do are sit-ups with plates and flutter kicks. I mainly focus on chest and arms. And no I'm not sucking in my gut lol

    • I was arching my back a bit to get a better angle of my chest

  • so your BMI is 19.44. yet you look normal to me.

    i should show you to my mother who wants me to be at least BMI 20. My BMI is ~18.5 and she still thinks i'm skinny as a broomstick... yet i feel normal

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  • You're okay. but hard to tell with that picture.

  • im 5"8 and like 148-150, u must look like a stick

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