(Mostly looking for girl answers) What do you think overall? Rating 1-10?(Picture is my profile picture)?

I am not asking to seek attention. Mostly I wanted to get an opinion overall on how I look. No constructive opinion ever hurt anyone. :D
So if you want just tell me what you think on a scale of 1-10 and If you have any specific comments!
P. S. Happy late MLK day!


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  • Hmm you have potential. Try a shorter haircut and smile:) I don't give numerical values to describe looks. You are not ugly


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  • I think you're good looking. If you're scrawny and skinny, then you're my type. lol I'm trying not to rate people cuz it just seems "cheap" to me now. I don't know why. But I think you're attractive.

    • I am on the skinny side. lol. About 5'11, 155, hoping to get to 170. Ironically that's one of the things I am pushing to change, both for aesthetics and sports performance (I play defender in soccer, so some extra strength would help) But thank you, you sound nice!

    • I'm biased. I like guys thin. I'd tell you to stay the same haha.
      My first ex did that too. He wanted to bulk up cuz he was really thin and hated it. So now he's like muscular and everything. I don't like it. I told him he looks better thin lol But it's up to you. And good luck with that :)

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  • well you didn't get me hard but I guess you're fuckable.

  • Whats the number for Ugly as Shit?