No confidence at all?

My boyfriend says that my body is perfect and he really means it. He loves my curves even my belly fat and love handles. But he doesn't see the cellulites on my back leg and how my muffin top ruins all the image. I dont like the extra fat all over my face and body. My boyfriend says he doenst want me to lose even one gram. If one day he sees real me naked, would he leave me? He only imagines my body when my clothes are on. He didn't see me naked. Thats why i am afraid. By saying celulite, actually it is not a big problem because i have only a few. But he exercises a lot, he really has a good body. I dont think he would want celulite in his girl.


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  • He's being sincere. He's into you not your body. It seams he likes you the way you are. Some guys are into chubby women. Your freaking out over nothing.

    • Yes actually he always says he admires my body. But what i am afraid of is that what if he doent like me and gets dissappointed when he sees me naked

    • You have nothing to worry about. You're already making him erect with your clothes on. He will be super turned on

    • That really helped :) thank you. Now at least i got some confidence

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  • There's no perfect body out there if guy where to leave you for the above reasons he wasn't a keeper in the firest place


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  • I don't like how my body is either buy if he stays he loves you that way you are he is telling the truth some men like that and some don't it just depends not everyone is perfect..

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